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Hello Montessori Enthusiasts

Welcome to my web site.  You can get an idea of the types of the things I make by looking through the items for sale here.  Some of my products are containers for Montessori teaching materials.  Some of them are Montessori materials reinterpreted in cloth, which have been developed with advice from many generous and knowledgeable Montessori professionals.  Some things are work cycle markers for the beginning and end of an activity.  For those things which start an activity, I pay attention to how my products look and feel, with the hope that your students' interest in their class work will be enhanced by making their approach to it more fun and pleasurable. 

Almost all of the things on these pages come from ideas given to me by Montessori guides.  Some were special requests.  If you have a special request, a new idea, I can help you turn your idea into work on your shelves.  All of the things you see here can be made to fit your requirements – custom orders are always welcome.

Thanks for visiting my web site.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


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About Me

Primarily, I call myself a seamstress.  I have sewn since grade school.  I love working with my hands and making fine, functional things.  But Montessori has a claim on my affections as well.  My two daughters, now in third and seventh grade, went to Montessori preschool and kindergarten.  In the years since our Montessori experience, we have traveled many educational paths – traditional public school, special interest public school, home schooling, Waldorf.  I have watched each of these varied educational experiences contribute to their overall personhoods.  But for me, the approach closest to my heart has been Montessori.  I love the way guides define their role, the way kids approach their work, and especially the way the classroom is organized.  It makes such sense.  It’s so soothing.  The rotation of work is beautifully sequenced.  It’s just brilliant.  It turns out that I am the Montessori kid in our family.

UPDATE -- This fall, our youngest daughter is back in a Montessori classroom at the first public Montessori school in Portland, The Ivy School.  We are excited to be part of this project and so happy to see Montessori teaching philosophies making their way into the larger, and more accessible to all, arena of public education.